SIG P210

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The SIG P210 is arguably one of the finest pistols ever created, yet there are very few sites on the net devoted to it. This site is meant to be an informational resource for those who appreciate the P210 for what it is… The closest thing to perfection one can expect to find in a pistol…

SIG P210


Serial Numbers
Field Stripping
Parts List

There also exists quite a bit of confusion over who manufactures it and the various models that are on the market. We try and clear this up to the best of our ability in the history section of the site…

And no respectable gun site would be complete without ample amounts of cool pictures. Many guns with reputations as excellent as the P210′s have commemorative or special issues that transcend the level of splendor found in your average pistol. The P210 is no exception. The special editions truly highlight the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is incorporated into every single piece. Many of the more extravagant examples can be found in the images section of the site.


The SIG P210 Pistols were created in the late 1940′s by Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (SIG) in Switzerland as a military service pistol. The P210 has come to be respected as one of the finest service auto pistols ever made. It’s legendary accuracy makes it ideal for target competition shooting. Accurate fire to 100 meters is not uncommon with this pistol.

The P210 is a single action auto pistol most commonly found now in 9 mm with a single column 8 round magazine. Most versions have a European style (heel type) magazine catch. I have seen a picture in a catalog for a German gun store with a P210-5 sport heavy frame with an American style magazine catch on the left side of the frame behind the trigger guard. There is also now a P210-8 version made with the Heavy Frame, adjustable sights, and American style mag release. The only other P210 I have seen with an American style magazine catch was a custom job done by Wayne Novak. The steel slide rides inside of the steel frame rails of this pistol, the rail is made very long nearly as long as the slide, making the slide and barrel very stable when fired unlike most other semi-automatic pistols. This feature plays no small part in it accuracy. The fine craftsmanship that SIG puts into the making of this pistol is very apparent. This is also reflected in the cost of this pistol. A new P210 can be expected to retail upwards of $2000. Unlike most of the SIG Sauer pistols to follow, the P210 has a manual safety lever and no de-cocker.

A fairly large number of surplus Danish military P210′s marked M49 have been imported into the US in recent years. The M49 is still a P210 only sporting a more service grade finish. It may not look as good as a new P210, but at around $800 it is a great buy for those that can’t afford a New P210.


Serial Numbers

The following chart can be used to get an approximation of when a P210 was made.

Year		Serial No.	Year		Serial No.
1949/50		P 50004		1977		P 81053
1949/50		P 50249		1979		P 76544
1950		P 50758		1979		P 79651
1950		P 50759		1983		P 96651
1950		P 50897		1983		P 97350
1951/52		P 51649		1983		P 97550
1951/52		P 51787		1983/84		P 96651
1952/53		P 54460		1983/84		P 97250
1953		P 53226		1983/84		P 300001
1953		P 53412		1983/84		P 300201
1953		P 54581		1983/84		P 300850
1954/55		P 55016		1983/84		P 303682
1954/55		P 56503		1984		P 300700
1965		P 56846		1984/85		P 301706	
1965/66		P 57909		1985		P 303256
1965/66		P 57911		1985/86		P 306650
1965/66		P 58931-58940	1987/90		P 309550
1967		P 59706		1987/90		P 309555
1967		P 59710		1988		P 300660
1968		P 60442		1988		P 305715
1968		P 6032-60448	1988/92		P 307850
1968/69		P 60450		1988/92		P 309600
1969/70		P 67148		1988/92		P 309650
1969/70		P 68990		1992		P 312700
1972/73		P 73616		1992/93		P 313151
1975		P 79115		1993		P 314514
1975		P 79115		1995		P 315850
1976		P 79937		1995		P 316550
1976		P 79938		
1976		P 79946		

Source: VETTER L. Das Grosse Buch der SIG-Pistolen; Verlag Stocker-Schmid; Zürich 1995

Field Stripping the P210 Pistol

Before you begin make sure the pistol is unloaded.

  • Remove the magazine by pulling down the release near the heel of the pistol.
  • Pull back the slide all the way to eject any round that may already be chambered.
  • Inspect the chamber through the ejection port.
  • Release the slide.
  • Pull the trigger.

SIG P210 field strip

  1. Make sure the gun is safe. Follow the steps mentioned above and only continue when you are sure the weapon is unloaded.
  2. Hold the pistol firmly in your right hand. Pull back the slide 1/4 inch while using your left hand to press the end of the slide stop on the right side of the pistol until it is no longer flush with the slide on the left side. You may now remove the slide stop.
  3. You can now remove the whole slide assembly by pulling it forward.
  4. Remove the hammer mechanism.
  5. Hold the end of the recoil rod. Apply a slight amount of forward pressure and lift it upwards to remove it.
  6. The barrel should now lift out in the same manner.

P210 Parts List

SIG P210 parts

Part 	Description		Part 	Description

  	Slide Assembly  		Frame Assembly
 1 	Slide			25 	Frame
 2 	Front Sight		26 	Trigger Bar
 3 	Rear Sight		27 	Pin to Trigger Bar
 4 	Firing Pin		28 	Trigger
 5 	Firing Pin Plate	29 	Safety
 6 	Firing Pin Spring	30 	Trigger Pin
 7 	Extractor		31 	Trigger Spring
 8 	Extractor Pin		32 	Magazine Catch
 9 	Extractor Spring	33 	Pin to Magazine Catch	
10 	Cover plate		34 	Magazine Safety
				35 	Screw Magazine Safety
  	Barrel			36 	Plastic Grip LH
11 	Barrel			37 	Plastic Grip RH
12 	Guiding Rod Assembly	38 	Grip Plate Screw
				39 	Spring to Slide Release
  	Hammer Group Assembly	40 	Slide Release
13 	Hammer housing		41 	Trigger Housing Lock (side)
14 	Hammer			41A 	Trigger Housing Lock (rear)
15 	Hammer Pin		42 	Trigger Stop
16 	Hammer Strut		43 	Trigger Stop Pin
17 	Pin to Hammer Strut
18 	Washer to Hammer Strut	  	Magazine assembly
19 	Spring Rod Seat		44 	Magazine Tube
20 	Hammer Spring		45 	Magazine Floor plate
21 	Trigger Pivot		46 	Floor plate Insert
22 	Pin To Trigger Pivot	47 	Feeder
23 	Sear			48 	Magazine Spring
24 	Sear Pin		
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