HTC Desire C unlock and CyanogenMod 10 tutorial

by jz on 2013-07-18

Instructions to install TWRP recovery and replace the stock ROM with CyanogenMod 10 which offers much better performance and eliminates all the garbage “value” that gets added by some phone makers. Before beginning you will need to make sure your bootloader is unlocked. You can check this by going into recovery mode and looking at the top of the screen. It should display *** UNLOCKED ***. If it is not unlocked go to the Unlocking the Bootloader section and start there.


TWRP Recovery Installation
SIM Unlock
CyanogenMod 10 Installation
Unlocking the Bootloader

TWRP Recovery Installation

To start download TWRP for HTC Desire C [golfu] from the Team Win Recovery Project website. You will then have a file called openrecovery-twrp- Plug your phone into your computer and start the phone while holding the volume down button to boot into recovery mode (power + volume down). Select FASTBOOT with the volume buttons and tap the power button to select it.

Then on your Linux machine you can run the following commands if you have android-tools-adb installed. Make sure to navigate to the directory in which you have the .img file first.

sudo fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

This will install TWRP on your device.

You can access TWRP now by booting holding down power + volume down and then selecting “recovery”.

From TWRP go to Reboot > System > Swipe to install SuperSU

The device will then reboot and the SuperSU Installer will ask you to finish the installation process. You can do this by downloading it through TWRP if you have a Wi-Fi connection and when done it will reboot back into recovery and do the flashing. Upon reboot the su command will be available.

SIM Unlock

IMPORTANT!: If you want to do a carrier unlock make sure you do it before installing CyanogenMod. You need the stock ROM to complete the process.

To do the carrier unlock you will need to then boot into recovery and install superuser access after that you can boot up the phone, enable third party sources, and install the Terminal Emulator from F-Droid or directly download the apk from here.

Once the terminal is installed execute the following commands from within:

cat /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 > /sdcard/dump.img

This will give you a file called dump.img on your sdcard which you can now extract your unlock code from on a Linux machine with the following command:

strings -n 8 dump.img

Which gave me the following output which will contain the 8 digit unlock code among some other data. Mine was 11085211.

),/37 &!&2&D&U&g&x&

Now boot the phone with a different carrier's SIM card and you will be prompted for an unlock code. After entering the code you got in the step above the phone will reboot and be unlocked. You may now proceed to installing CyanogenMod and your phone will remain unlocked.

CyanogenMod 10 Installation

Once the recovery is installed CyanogenMod is fairly straightforward to install. First download the ROM CyanogenMod 10 for HTC Desire C [mirror] SHA1 MD5. Then place it on the microSD card. Now flash it from inside TWRP by booting into recovery choosing "Install" and selecting the zip file from your sdcard. Finally do a "Wipe" from the TWRP home screen and reboot into CyanogenMod 10 by choosing "Reboot" and "System".

There is one more thing that must be done for CyanogenMod to work properly. Extract the boot.img file from the CyanogenMod archive and flash it using the command below in fastboot mode.
sudo fastboot flash boot boot.img

Now reboot and enjoy your CyanogenMod 10 goodness!

Unlokcing the Bootloader

To unlock the bootloader you will need to go to the HTC Developer Center and paste the output from the command while in fastboot mode.
sudo fastboot oem get_identifier_token
The output will look like the text below. You then submit the output and they will email you a file called Unlock_code.bin which you will flash by doing:
sudo fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
Your bootloader will then be unlocked.

<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>
<<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>

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  1. Meckl Antal says: [2013-08-13]

    I can’t get my Google Play / Google Store working. Could You help me?:)

  2. Prateek says: [2013-08-19]

    Is this build of Cyanogenmod 10 stable for my HTC DESIRE C…? Please tell me what doesn’t work? Should I install it or not?
    Thank You

  3. jz says: [2013-09-10]

    It’s stable enough for everyday use. I have not come across anything that does not work.

  4. jz says: [2013-09-10]

    Did you do a wipe of cache/dalvik after installation? Also make sure you got the right Google apps bundle from

  5. Andrea says: [2013-09-24]

    It seems that WiFi doesn’t work, I can’t start it, the button isn’t enabled and I can’t press it. Is there any solution, I would keep CyanogenMod on my phone…

    PS: Sorry for my bad english

  6. Andrea says: [2013-09-24]

    Sorry I did a reboot and now works well! I am writing from my phone.

    Thanks very much for the guide!

  7. Dexter says: [2013-10-09]

    I installed this and now only the cyanogenmod logo running nothing else, seems mobile not starting.
    Please guide me what to do
    Sorry for my bad english

  8. jz says: [2013-10-09]

    You need to do a wipe from inside TWRP and then it will start normally. See here:

  9. dexter says: [2013-10-10]

    ok, now my mobile started but google playstore and other google apps are missing,
    how can i install Google apps bundle ??

  10. jz says: [2013-10-10]

    You need to flash gapps the same way you flashed the ROM, see here:

  11. selim says: [2013-10-21]

    I’ve stuck on the step of installing cyanogenmod.
    I downloaded the zip file, copied to sd card, reboot, enter recovery mode, enter Install, and there is no SDCARD to choose.
    Please, let me know, if you know what to do.

  12. selim says: [2013-10-21]

    Formatting SDCARD seems to fix the problem.

  13. alain maronani says: [2013-10-22]

    Thank you very much for your nice explanations.

    Did use it from to to bottom.

    Works great !!!

    One small mistake…

    Do not boot before fastbooting boot.img…It did not work…

    Thanks again

    Alain, Montreal

  14. David says: [2013-10-25]

    that great tutorial, I like … Thanks to you, I have a rom that both wanted!!

  15. Prateek says: [2013-11-08]

    Thanks a lot man! I followed your steps and now i am using a smooth and fast Cyanogenmod 10. Hats off to you man. I guess you are the only one to do this till now for such a slow HTC device. Now after installing Cyanogenmod 10, it is no more slow.

    Thank You again :)
    And ya, in cyanogenmod 9, TV screen off animation was their, can you please tell me the steps to get that? Thanks

  16. Miguel says: [2013-12-14]

    Thank you! Everything is working fine

  17. belkacem says: [2013-12-26]

    Thx for your SIM Unlock method it’s works great with my wife’s HTC ;)

  18. Rik says: [2013-12-27]

    Hi, i was hoping someone could help me. i followed the instructions above to install Cyanogenmod 10 on my HTC desire C and made sure i flashed the boot.img. Cyanogenmod 10 loaded up fine,and all was great. until i turned my phone off, when i turned it back on the HTC screen stays on, and the Cyanogenmod 10 logo never appears, the phone says fixed in the HTC screen, the only way to get it to run Cyanogenmod 10 is to flash boot.img again.

    but as soon as the phone is turned off or restarts, the same issue happens again, how can i get my phone to start up Cyanogenmod 10 after restarting or powering off, without having to flash boot.img everytime.

    any help would be much appreciated.

  19. Rik says: [2013-12-27]

    Hi, sorry ignore that, i have sorted the problem. i did not flash boot. only boot boot.

    thanks all the same.